Website Updated


It’s about that time for a regular blog update!  Spent some time over the long weekend in BC refreshing my website and realized that it’s been a number of months since I posted.  And thanks to the amazing camera on the iPhone X I’ve been able to upload some nicer images that can be used.  I also toyed with updating the design and template a bit further but liked that Squarespace gives you the freedom to spice up your design without much work.

I have been purposely shying away from social media in recent months. I’m barely ever on Facebook any more and rarely posting to Instagram.  Will continue to post here on my blog when I can and will post random (mostly work related content) to my Twitter feed.  It’s been freeing to not spend as much time online.

Funny enough, my last blog post was mainly technical focusing on changes I made to my backup strategy for personal data. After nearly losing 7 years of photos on iCloud Photo Library (long story) I have simplified my backups greatly.  Moving away from Apple's networking gear and doing a simple USB backup via Time Machine + Backblaze looks to be the right approach for now. 

That’s all for now!