Two Kids / Two Months


How quickly life changes!  Two updates in the past two years and since then we've welcomed our second child, Henrik, to our family.  This has also afforded me the opportunity to step away from work for 2 months to spend time with our new addition and our 2 year old.

This has been an important time to focus on the family, and I'm grateful that (and .com) have excellent parental leave policies.  It's easy to disconnect from work for a few months when your VP does so as well, utilizing our sabbatical program this summer to spend time with her daughter.

While I'll miss these times with my family on a weekly basis, I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things in my professional life and moving forward my career.  It's been fun to see how some of my work skills can apply to our family, and I'm more excited to see how my family will help influence me in being a better leader at the office.

Looking forward to providing more updates here and on my Twitter feed throughout the second half of 2018.  Stay tuned!