Busy September

Phew, what a month!  It’s been since mid-August since I’ve posted and I’ve got an excuse, since then I’ve been extra busy with travelling and visiting friends and family.  And also eating a lot of delicious food, take the image below for example (from the Ferry Building Market):

The end of August marked my first visit back to Victoria since moving to San Francisco.  A weekend full of partying and weddings made for a very long trip back to the states.  It was great to see everyone and celebrate with them!  Surprisingly the weather in Victoria was even better than I have seen in San Francisco all summer.  However it appears I’m eating my own words on that one, as this weekend has been the hottest so far this year and there’s more to come through October.

I also checked out back-to-back San Francisco Giants games in September.  Luckily I was able to score some sweet seats at work to a Friday night game, followed up by a Saturday game in the nosebleeds.  Unfortunately the Giants fell in both tries with only few hits, which was unfortunate as they are currently making a run for the playoffs.  Still a few weeks to go though, go Giants!

September also marked my first NFL game ever!  I was lucky enough to check out the San Francisco 49ers vs. the New Orleans Saints.  It was a nail-biter right to the end, and while both teams didn’t really play their best it was a close game that the Saints ended up taking with a last minute field goal.

What surprised me (not really actually) was how passionate Americans are about football.  70,000+ people all in red yelling at the top of their lungs can be deafening!  The Saints fans in the stadium also got an earful.  I was also impressed by how seriously the fans take tailgating.  Some had been their hours before kickoff just to fire up their BBQs and slam beers before watching their favorite teams.

On another note, September marks the return of many of my favorite TV shows.  I had barely caught up on season 2 of Fringe right before the premiere last Thursday.  Following that new episodes of 30 Rock and The Office aired.  And my guilty pleasure Hell’s Kitchen also started up this week as well.  I’m also looking forward to catching up on Eastbound & Down which starts up season 2 this week!

Oh, and last (but not least) on the list, pre-season hockey has started!  It appears that the remainder of the Canucks pre-season games are available for me on the NHL Network down here (and in HD!) which is great.  However I’m not sure what selection I’ll have come the regular season and may be forced to purchase the Center Ice package.  I have been able to stream some games online via my PS3 but the quality is hardly watchable.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose.  Regardless, the team looked great against the Ducks last night and I’m eager for the regular season to start!

Stay posted as I’m hoping to have another album review come up in the next few weeks!