Migrating North

Nearly 2.5 years into my time in San Francisco, I’ve decided to head back to Canada.  This hasn’t been an easy decision for me as I’ve loved my time here.  But, I’m excited for the future and for new opportunities.

I posted a few times when I first arrived about my experiences in SF.  I would highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work abroad to do it.  It’s an awesome way to learn, gain perspective and have experiences you might not have in your home country.

Leaving a great organization like Atlassian is also a difficult choice, but ultimately the right one for the long term.  I’m going to miss working and such an innovative company with awesome people.

San Francisco is an amazing place and I hope to come back and visit regularly.  In particular I’m going to miss the great food and cheap, quality beer here.  I don’t think there’s another city in the world that offers such excellent grub.

Surprisingly, I’m also going to miss baseball.  I never really followed before I came to SF and now I’m a huge Giants fan.  I guess I’ll be getting an MLB.tv account for next summer.

That all being said, I’m extremely pumped to give Vancouver as a try as my new home city.  To be close to friends, family and of course the Canucks is going to be an amazing experience!  I’m looking forward to finding my next professional team to join and to make an impact in a great organization.