July 4th!

Happy Independence Day!

It’s great to be living in a country that dedicates an entire day to celebrating Will Smith’s triumph over those pesky aliens (not legal aliens, like myself!).  Anyways…

This is my first Independence Day since I’ve moved to the USA and I’m pretty excited to enjoy the beautiful weather and join in on the festivities.  Oh, and having the day off tomorrow is pretty awesome as well!  I spent the morning running around my hilly neighbourhood to work up a thirst for the afternoon.  There’s lots to do in San Francisco today, which gets topped off this evening with a fairly large fireworks show by Pier 39 by the San Francisco waterfront.

And to my Canadian friends back home, I have not forgotten about Canada Day!  On Thursday I made sure to wear my Canadian (Gold Medal) Hockey Jersey to work:

It was also nice to have some people wish me a “Happy Canada Day”, while many others questioned “What’s Canada Day?”.  It’s definiately a sign of how most Canadians are aware of US culture, but it doesn’t exactly work the other way around.  Maybe next year I’ll have organize some festivities at the office!

To everyone in the US, enjoy your long weekend!